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I’m born in a little town in north east of italy, udine, on january 22 in the year 19….well….really…….mmm i don’t remember..
My astrological sign is aquarius and since my early years i was very attracted from all the artistic expressions of life, especially music.
My mother used to listen much much music and she gave to me a special kind of imprinting making me love this kind of aural emotion.
I especially liked to listen to the medium and short waves radios trying to discover the inner secrets of this incredible media and so, year after year, i accumulate a great experience and i developed a special taste both in quality of music and how to spread this kind of emotional stuff with the help of the airwaves.
Quickly i gained a great and deep respect and consideration for my musical sensibility and for my specific knowledge of artists discography between my friends and so become normally for me to be charged to be the dj, to put up the records in my teenage birthday parties.
In the same years i become to collect records.
In those years i was absolutely involved in rock music. With a small tape recorder, a gift from my father, i collected many registration of a legendary radio station that i listened every night. On the medium wave band, with the help of an atmospherical phenomenon called “propagation”, i was able to listen, on 208 meter, the magic radio luxemburg. Bob stewart, tony prince, kid jensen and many many others legendary djs that were my teachers as for my radio knowledge and as for my musical culture.
That are for me really wonderful memories.
Another incredible dj that has been a model for me was herbert pagani that from the old radio montecarlo (based in montecarlo) and from radio capodistria made a fantastic radio show called muratti ambassador show.
So i must express my maximum respect for those teachers!
Well, coming back to the records, my first one was the who – live at leeds.
At present i have near a 10.000 selected vinyl records collection, with many rarities, limited editions and very hard to find stuff. Obviously i have rock, punk and new wave albums, mix and singles (not counted in the 9.000) but the main part is dedicated to the house music, especially deep, dub and underground, with many obscure gems and jewels.
In 1972 and 1973 i’ve had two little experiences on radio on the regional broadcast of the rai, but my real start was in 1975, september 1st , when, in my city, began its life radio friuli, the first (illegal in those days) commercial radio station. At half past five in the afternoon i was in front of a microphone starting my real radio dj career with a rock music show called help, whose starting song was “autobahn” by kraftwerk.
I has been always very sensible to all the musical news coming from uk and usa, i was a weekly reader of melody maker and new music express, so, in the same year, i discovered the beginning of the punk phenomenon, a new beginning for the rock music.
I started almost immediately to propose this kind of music, with tracks from the sex pistols, eddie and the hot rods, the damned and many many others artists.
At the end of 1976, beginning of 1977, i changed radio and began to work on a station called canale 49, with a radio show specifically dedicated to punk music titled “sex, drugs and rock’n roll”.
My next step was on another radio station called rdf with the music which was the natural evolution of punk, the so called new wave, with the massive use of electronic instrument and danceable rhythms.
On 1983, in my city,some friends founded a new radio station, radio italia network, who shortly will become the most important network in italy dedicated to dance music first, and then to house.
I worked in this radio just from the beginning and, on the 17th of june 1991, i started a new radio show called “italia network satellite” on air every evening from 8pm to midnite.
My italia network satellite, later called network satellite,very soon become a real cult program reachin top audiences and enthusiastic critics on the magazine, proposing only the best, most emotional, modern and involving tunes from deep house, underground, electronica mixed with a bit of acid jazz.
This radio show ended on the 12th january 1996, when radio italia network moved to bologna.
My dj career, after the end of the program, paused, for some heavvy health problems (fortunately now solved) and, especially, because my kind of music was too specialized to be broadcasted from other radio network in my country.
During those years, in spite of the great success of of my program, italia network satellite, i choosed to keep a low profile preferring to put all my energies on radio and making only rare live sets in small and underground clubs.
In those days i was in contact and sometimes collaborate with many record producer teams like, for example,those who made the legendary “sueno latino”, the dance floor corporation aka dfc and with people like zafret, portaluri, pinosa and gemolotto. In the most recent years i worked often with paolo barbato.
I produced several dance records, like red zone “powerful love” and “gimme fantasy” on the label outlab and ghetto child ep 1 “you make me feel (so good)” and “the rebirth of balearic beats” out on dpe records and licensed in spain by blanco y negro.
Ten years after the first dead of my program, exactly on january 2006 i started again working on the radio.
A strange destiny has created a strange situation.
The new owner and management of radio italia network, the rcs group (rizzoli – corriere della sera group), at the end of 2005, decided to switch off radio italia network changing the name to play radio and to give a new opportunity to rin (radio italia network).
Rin, now called rin digital, become a web radio at the address and was broadcasted by satellite on hotbird 13 east, freq. 12.149 vertical polarization. The new program director alex benedetti asked to me if i want to start again my program satellite, with a new updated and futurible edition. Obviously i said “yeeesss!” And i was on air every evening from 8 to 10 pm and on the morning from 5 to 7 am (cet).
Short time later rin digital was involved one more time in big property changes and the broadcast of my satellite radio show and the other programs was stopped by the new management!
A new version of my radio show called “satellite by gianni de luise” was one more time on air on fm from september 15th 2007 to may 31st 2008 on the frequencies of tam tam network, courtesy of the station manager daniele petronelli, and another version of the show was on air by rc international in the same days.
In the next months of 2008 i started working on a big big event,the coming back of an italia network’s web radio spin-off as artistic director.
On january 6th 2009 the new adventure of the spin off of italia network called inmyradio started as a web station at the address
On september 28th 2010 there is a further evolution of the inmyradio project with the creation of singles musical channels for each program, obviously running 24 hours on 24, 7 days on 7. Since that moment, with a complete revolution of the traditional concept of radio, it became possible to listen to the music of the favorite radio shows without having to wait a specific time.
On the night between the 31st of january and the first of february 2011, at exactly 0.00 am, another big moment in my life.
Hosted on espana network frequencies starts the broadcast of network satellite, on air from sunday to thursday from 0.00 to 2.00 am.
Rejoins this way, through my radio show, after many years of exile and darkness, the two souls which, while operating in different media, work for the same purpose and acknowledge italia network as its origin and its parent. The fracture is recomposed and network satellite is back home..
House music, for me, is the perfect way to communicate without the necessity to know other languages. Music talk directly to your mind, your body and your soul, as they say in a wonderful song. Music don’t see the colour of your skin, your age, your religion and your political orientations. Music is pure love and emotion. Music bring us very close to the heaven. Music join the people…..and sometimes, as happened to me, save my life…..

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